Thursday, November 16, 2017

Predicting Sales using Oracle Data Visualization

New Machine learning feature in Oracle Data Visualization lets users train/build their own Machine learning models which can perform various prediction and classification operations like Numeric Prediction, Classification and Clustering. To know more about Machine Learning feature download Oracle Data Visualization Desktop from here and play around with it.

Below video demonstrates an example on using Machine Learning algorithms in Oracle Data Visualization to predict expected Bike Rentals for a Bike renting company which wants to prepare itself for the upcoming demand. 

Example seen in the video can be downloaded from Oracle Analytics Store. Name of the project is Example DV Project: Bike Rental Prediction:

To predict the demand we will use one of the most commonly used ML techniques: Numeric Prediction. Numeric Prediction is a common requirement in business world, classic examples include Sales forecast, demand prediction, stock price prediction etc.

Oracle DV comes loaded with multiple Numeric prediction algorithms and users can choose any one of these algorithms based on the need. List of algorithms include Linear Regression, Elastic Net Linear Regression and Classification and Regression Tree(CART) for Numeric prediction. Here is a snapshot showing list of algorithms in Oracle DV:

Users can develop their own custom Python/R scripts that can perform Numeric prediction and upload it to Oracle Data Visualization. Uploaded scripts can be invoked from dataflows in Oracle DV. In case you are interested here is a short video showing how to upload format and upload custom Python scripts.


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