Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Embedding Oracle DV Projects in BIEE Dashboards

Embedding DV Projects directly into BIEE dashboards can simply be done by posting the URL of the project as an 'Embedded Content' object into the target dashboard.

The option of defaulting the DV Project directly in a Presentation Mode is possible by appending the following text at the end of the project URL : '&reportmode=presentation'.

The following brief video shows the steps to get this done :


Houshmand Rastin said...

I use this link ( ) for embedd a DV project in a BIEE dashboard , but i want disable presentation mode.

I wonder if there is any way to make this presentation mode accessible also to users that are not provisioned with the general VA access.
We would like to have 2 types of VA users actually: one that actually build the projects (VAAuthors) and another one (i.e. VAConsumers) that is just able to browse them (in presentation mode - drill etc., without being able to modify them

DR said...

Is it possible to remove the Presentation Mode button?

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Dmitry Labazkin said...
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