Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Maps - How to extract a geoJSON from Oracle DB map theme for use in OracleDV

In this blog we will discuss about how to create a GeoJSON map layer from an existing Oracle DB map theme. This helps Oracle customers who have their maps/spatial data in Oracle Database and wants to leverage that investment in Oracle Analytics - Data Visualization. 

What is an Oracle Map Theme? Oracle Map Themes are also called Geometry Theme. A theme is a visual representation of a particular data layer. Using Oracle Map builder you can extract a GeoJSON from this Geometry theme. This geoJSON can be directly uploaded into Oracle Data Visualization as a custom map layer.

 Oracle DB Map Theme for a sample of congressional districts (preview on Oracle Map Builder):

Extracted map layer rendered in Oracle Data Visualization Map:

Detailed steps on how to do this conversion can be found in this document

High level steps:

1) Install Oracle Map Builder(If not installed already).
2) Connect to the Database Schema where the maps/Spatial data is present
3) Select the table that contains Geometry Theme data
4) Use Map Builder tools to extract this geometry table in to geoJSON.


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