Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Creating a Custom infograhic with OAC 5.5

In the 5.5 release of OAC (Oracle Analytics Cloud) creating custom Infographics visualizations is made simple through the use of custom dynamic canvas backgrounds and the new spacer visualization. Infographics created on OAC can then be used from any device (browser or mobile) and dynamically resize per the screen size.  

In this example we are building a infographic showing stats about NFL fans attendance. We selected a custom picture of a stadium that we want to use as a custom background to our infographics. 

1. Setting custom DV background with an image.

To configure that image as a custom background, we are using Canvas Properties menu by right-clicking on the Canvas tab itself and selecting the option. Once there, we are setting the value Cutom for Background property.
There, pick the image location, adjust transparency and make sure you set size parameters to Auto-Fit, this will ensure your DV sample scales regardless of your screen size and resolution.

All we have to do next is to start building our infographic by positioning visualizations on top of that picture.

2. Laying out visualizations

In our example, we will use a combination of vertical bar charts and horizontal bar charts, along with the tag cloud extension. As we build our visualizationsm we can use the spacer visualization (OAC5.5), to customize our layout exactly as we need it…

we can drag the spacer extension to create separations between different visualizations. It can be resized as needed, just like other vizs, flipped either horizontal or vertically and set background color or as an image. While we are organizing our vizs, the canvas properties keep to the default autofit configuration, which means the whole page will properly resize accoding to screen size of the consuming devices.

Once our visualizations content and layout completed we can customize additional display properties such as font color and size for all report components, i.e, title, values, x/y axis

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  • Watch this short 3 minute video - Spacer Viz and Custom Background that comes OOB with OAC 5.5.