Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Maps - How to convert an Image to geoJSON for use in Oracle DV

Many a time we would encounter images of a geographic layout(like a floor plan of a shopping mall, musuem, Airport or a demo hall etc) and wonder how great it would be to be able to visualize data with this layout as a map layer in OracleDV. Great news is this is possible! and in this blog we will discuss about how to convert an image to a geoJSON file format. Using a combination of Oracle tools users can convert image of a layout into geoJSON

Here is a snapshot that shows how a floor plan map layer extracted from an image looks like:
                                                             Floor Plan Image

                                   Floor Plan Custom Map Layer extracted from Image

One way to achieve this is using Oracle Map Builder and Oracle Map Editor tools. 

Step by step instructions on how to convert image to a map layer: Image to geoJSON Map Layer
Here is a high level view of steps involved in this process: 

1) Create a Base Map using the Image file received, using Oracle Map Builder tool. 
2) Create a GeoRaster theme using the Base Map using Map Builder tool
3) Create a Base Map based on the GeoRaster Theme using Map builder tool
4) Create a Geometry layer to show different regions on the map using Map Editor tool
5) Create a Theme(a database table) based on the Geometry Layer using Map Builder tool
6) Export the Theme to geoJSON using Oracle Map builder.


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