Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Web UI for Essbase BI Accelerator in OBIEE 12c

BI query performance can be improved by adding Essbase cubes as aggregated data sources to the business model in OBIEE. The system comes with a convenient Web UI to let user create and delete these aggregates (along with the OBIEE metadata) within a few clicks.

That acceleration wizard is available as part of Cube Deployment Services in Essbase 12c and uses its API to create these Essbase cubes based on any existing RPD business model.

The wizard can be launched from the URL http://yourservername:7780/cds/view on your OBIEE install.

It guides through the process and implements the model configuration behind the scenes using the following steps:
A - Selecting a BI business model that will be accelerated,
B - Specifying an Essbase application on which to deploy the cube,
C - Selecting BI measures, dimensions, and logical columns to include in the cube,
D - Deploying the Essbase cube and seamlessly connecting it to the BI business model as a data source

Once the necessary metadata is incorporated within the RPD, appropriate query rewrite to the Essbase cube is optimally done by the BI Server when these metrics/dimensions are referenced in a query.

The following brief video guides you through the steps to create an aggregate cube using Essbase BI Accelerator


Rafazxd said...

Hello, I could guide me when I log in with weblogic user logs and he says:

You are not authorized to access this wizard. Please contact your system administrator

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