Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Advanced Analytics in Oracle DV

Yes, Oracle DV gives you advanced analytics literally at the click of a button. Advanced analytics operations such as clustering, outlier detection, trend lines and forecast are built-in, and they can be simply dragged dropped on to your charts.

However access to advanced analytics is not limited to these functions exposed in the UI. You can leverage the advanced analytics framework to invoke any custom R function and seamlessly blend its results with rest of your analysis. The EVALUATE_SCRIPT function of Oracle DV can be used to execute an R script registered in the script repository.  Its powerful and easy to use.
For example, this video shows an example of using custom R script to decompose a time series data to its seasonal, trend and remainder components.

Following video is another example where use R to perform market basket analysis (rule mining) on fast foods transactions data.

Take a look at some of these examples downloadable from Oracle DV samples page on OTN.

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