Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June 2016 : What's new in DV Desktop 1.1 (

A new version of Oracle DV Desktop was just released on Jun 3rd 2016. Build 05 28 011143, aka V1.1 of DVD. If you were already using DV Desktop, you should get a prompt to upgrade, if not, just visit the OTN page here and download the software.
Along with bug fixes, few new items came with this release. below is a summary list, we will publish more detailed entries/videos soon to illustrate some of these :

  • New beta connections types for more datasources : Greenplum and RigthNow are added as Beta connections.

  • Connectivity to Oracle Dbaas : using the oracle DB connection type, users can directly create direct connections to their DBaaS services (DB as a Service sources).
  • Ability to invoke database specific SQL syntaxes directly from within a calculated item, using EVALUATE function. This enables to fully leverage the underlying power of any database, by function-shipping the calculation process directly down to the database and retrieving only the result rows. For example, clustering tens of millions of transaction IDs into only few clusters : the clustering process can be pushed down in the database, and DVD will only retrieve and visualize the few cluster rows produced by the database calculation. This capability is now available OOB within the 'New Calculation' dialog box, at the time of building analysis, using EVALUATE function. See this video describing the feature

  • The 'Attribute' Function ATTRIBUTE function is available in custom calculations, and turns expressions (either measures or attributes) into attributes. If you are familiar with Answers, and ever used the 'Treat as an Attribute' Flag in the Answers expression editor, ATTRIBUTE function is the syntax behind this functionality. It is useful when computing aggregates on rows that are grouped by values of another aggregate. For example, how many customers have made 1,2,3, N orders ? How much profit in each revenue by customer decile... etc.Syntax : ATTRIBUTE(<expression> BY <attribute list> WHERE <predicate>) 
      A more detailed blog entry will come soon about this feature

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