Monday, April 3, 2017

Auto Refresh Plugin

Ever wanted to analyze changing or streaming data on Oracle Data Visualization? Wanted to perform analytics on sliding windows of increasing time series data? A plugin can help.

In this blog, we will talk about an exciting custom plugin for Oracle DV that allows you to refresh your data and data sources used in your DV projects automatically. This is done through Auto Refresh Custom Visualization plugin.

This plugin has the following capabilities
  • An option to refresh either the data or the data sources
  • Refresh Now - This is one time refresh and refreshes the data/data sources as and when you press the Refresh Now button
  • Periodic Auto Refresh - On the click of the timer refresh button ( button with timer symbol inside the refresh icon), a timer is set off which fetches the data periodically in the time interval specified in the number box. This auto refresh can be stopped by clicking on the stop button.
The Auto Refresh Custom Plugin can be downloaded from Oracle BI Public Store.

Here is a brief demo to show how the plugin works:

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