Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Make your Oracle DV visualizations sing the tunes of Motion charts using Dim Player Plugin

In this blog we will talk about Dim Player Custom Visualization plugin. This plugin lets you explore several measures/attributes in all the visualizations in your canvas over any dimension columns like time, geography etc. This plugin makes all the visualizations in DV canvas behave like Dynamic charts. This custom visualization can be downloaded from Oracle BI Public Store

How does it work: The DIM Player plugin  plays through the values of a dimension column like time, region etc and automatically updates all the visualizations in the canvas with the values of that dimension one at a time. There are two modes in which you can use DIM player plugin.
1) Use as Filter: If the DIM Player plugin is used as a filter using "Use as Filter" option in DV then it simulates motion charts for all the other visualizations in the canvas.
2) Brushing: If plugin is not used as filter it will act as a brushing sequencer and brushes/highlights charts in the canvas based on the dimension value.

The DIM Player also allows you to play, pause and stop while playing through the values.

Here is a brief demo to show how DIM player works:

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