Thursday, October 27, 2016

Oracle DV - New filtering options in Oracle DVD 12.2.2

Visualizations in Oracle DV are not just cool looking charts, they have the capability to drive your analysis and gain wonderful insights from your data. Oracle DV already has capability to use any visualization as a filter.  The selected visualization acts a driver and filters all the visualizations in that canvas according to your selection on the driver visualization. This helps users in narrowing their analysis. How to do that? Its just few mouse clicks.
       With Oracle DVD 12.2.2, Visualizations have become even more powerful and functional and therefore integral part of your analysis flow. In Oracle DV 12.2.2, now users can also add visualization level filters. The visualization level filters help users add filters to the visualizations they are interested in rather than the entire canvas.

Please go through this demo video to see new filtering options in Oracle DVD 12.2.2 :

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