Friday, October 21, 2016

Oracle DV - Connect to Dropbox and fetch files directly

Want to analyze the Sales performance data present in excel & .csv files in your Dropbox account?? 

With Oracle DV you don’t even have to download them. New Oracle DV Desktop allows to connect to your Dropbox account and fetch excel, .csv files for analysis. You can prepare the data using host of available wrangling functions, then visualize and analyze the data to gain insights.

In case the data in the excel sheet is updated you don’t even have to re fetch the files. All you have to do is refresh your data sources in Oracle DV. The modified files will be fetched automatically from your Dropbox account.
How to connect to Dropbox? Users have to generate the OAuth credentials from Dropbox developers’ console and use those credentials in connection page of Dropbox.

This video demonstrates how to connect to Dropbox and perform analysis:

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