Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Leverage the 'Attribute' function to boost your DV insights

The 'Attribute' Function in DV and OBI calculations allows to treat any aggregated metric value into an attribute discrete member.
Calculated metric values can thus be used as series for any visualizations, like bar charts for example. 

If you ever used the 'Treat as an Attribute' flag in the Answers expression editor, the ATTRIBUTE function is the syntax behind this functionality. it's accessible in any calculations in DV or OBIEE.

An example of the value that this capability brings, is when one needs to compute aggregates on rows that are grouped by values of another metric aggregate : How much revenue is contributed annually by all customers that only buy once from us, twice, thrice, etc cohorts ?


The explicit syntax for this function is :  
ATTRIBUTE(<expression> BY <attribute list> WHERE <predicate>)  
The BY clause may be empty, in which case grand total grain is assumed.

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