Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Diagnostics Support for Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

If you are working with the Oracle Support team to resolve a specific issue in Oracle Data Visualization Desktop, they may ask you to generate a diagnostic dump file.
Oracle Data Visualization Desktop comes with an inbuilt tool to gather detailed diagnostic information in event of failure or error.
This diagnostic dump can be used by technically adept end users to diagnose issues themselves or can be handed to Oracle Support for expert analysis.
The resultant dump file contains the following information:
      1. Version Information
      2.  Installer Logs
      3.  App Component logs – status info of BI Presentation server, BI Server and other critical                components
      4.  Jetty Logs
      5.  DSS logs
      6.  Webcat metadata plugin logs
      7.  Derby logs
      8.   SAW Server logs
      9.   BI Presentation Server Logs
     10. BI Server logs

Steps to generate the diagnostic dump file:

 1)   Open the command prompt and change the directory to the Data Visualization Desktop               installation directory (for example, C:\Progra m Files\Oracle Data Visualization).

    2)  Type diagnostic_dump.cmd and then provide a name for the .zip output file (for ex:

    3)  Press the Enter key to execute the command.

    4)   You can find the diagnostic output file in Data Visualization Desktop installation directory.         Unzip the log files to view contents

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