Thursday, January 19, 2017

Heatmap visualization plugin for Oracle Data Visualization

Heatmap plugin for Oracle DV is now available on Oracle BI Public Store.

In this post we will talk about how to deploy Heatmap custom visualization plugin on Oracle DV Desktop, and discuss features/options available on this plugin. This plugin allows users to visualize their geospatial data using a heatmap on Oracle DV desktop with host of customization options. Before we get into the details of this plugin let us briefly discuss what are Heatmaps.

Heatmaps visualize relative frequency, value, density of entities as aggregate patterns of intensity on a geospatial maps or custom layout maps. Heatmaps are one of the most frequently used visualizations to understand and explore patterns of data distribution on geospatial maps. Common use cases of heatmaps include : 1) To identify which areas of city have high influx of traffic and suffer congestions -- Traffic hotspots 2) Identify regions in city where your outlets are performing exceptionally well in comparision to others etc. There are many more such usecases where heatmaps shine as great visualizations in comparison to others. And we are excited to tell you that now you can visualize your data on Oracle DV desktop using heatmaps. All that needs to be done is download heatmap plugin from Oracle BI Public store and perform 3 simple steps to deploy the heatmap plugin.

List of features of Heatmap plugin:      
    - Option to render heatmap using Point Density or Metrics
    - Option to turn on/off display of points
    - Choice of color schemes to depict density/intensity on the maps
    - Option to define color gradients according to data by specifying Min and Max of metrics
    - Option to specify the area/extent around a point to be colored
    - Choice of background maps        
    - Map Wrap Around or Repeat Background
    - Auto-zoom to displayed theme
    - Labels and Metrics support in Info window
    - Other tooltip customizations.

Here are the steps to deploy this plugin in DV Desktop:

1) Download the plugin from Oracle BI Public Store
2) Copy the zip file as-is in %LOCALAPPDATA%\DVDesktop\plugins (create folder if it doesn't exist)
3) Edit \war\va\WEB-INF\quickstart-web.xml. Modify parameter. Add '*' (without quotes) under 'script-src'.
e.g. script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval' *.@requestDomain@:* @sawServerHost@:**** ;
4) Restart DV


Density based and metric based heatmaps of San Francisco establishments - also displaying individual locations as dots.

Density based and metric based heatmaps of apartments in Boston region - without displaying individual apt locations.

Setting Dialog

Setting dialog - Color Picker


hugely said...

very nice

孟焯 said...

Where could I locate "\war\va\WEB-INF\quickstart-web.xml" ? Is't in the .ZIP file?

cAko said...

on \Program Files\Oracle Data Visualization Desktop\war\va\WEB-INF

ayam jago said...

ayam bangkok

bwilliam said...

Nice blog... Analytics heat map help to identify aggregate of engagement across your website's pages and can be split by clicks, taps & scrolling behavior.

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